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Your Sun Campus Ambassador

The new campus ambassador for 2008-9 will be Mesude Biçak.

Former Sun Campus Ambassadors

Andrew John Hughes

My formal role as the Sun Campus Ambassador at Sheffield is to ensure that students, professors and researchers within the Unviersity know how to take advantage of the latest innovative and open technologies from Sun such as Java, Open Solaris, Open SPARC, JavaFX and Sun SPOT. I am to achieve this through the following methods:

Personally, I'm happy to push Sun technology mainly due to their position as an active FOSS proponent. This is now a central part of their strategy with the launch of OpenSolaris and OpenJDK, and even OpenSPARC to go with their existing project. In fact, they are the biggest commercial contributor to open source [1]. They still have a lot of work in terms of forming truly self-sufficient distinct communities for many of these projects, but things look positive.

My Background

I'm currently a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science here at Sheffield. Prior to that, I was an undergraduate student for four years (2001-2005), so I have a good idea of how the university works. I'm an advocate of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) and have been using GNU/Linux for the past ten years.

I'm also an active Free Software developer and member of the Free Java community. I've been a GNU Classpath developer for the last three and a half years, during which time I've dabbled with many of the Free Java virtual machines (GCJ, Kaffe, JamVM, JikesRVM and CACAO), co-ordinated branch management and releases and watched as Sun finally released their implementation as Free Software in the form of OpenJDK.