Using Sun Technology at Sheffield Sun@Sheffield


The Sun Small Programmable Object Technology (Sun SPOT) is a small wireless sensor/actuator platform programmed entirely in Java "on the bare metal" (without an OS). It is based on an ARM 9 processor with 512K ram, 4 MB flash, and a 802.15.4 radio part. The Sun SPOT includes a "demo sensorboard" that hosts a 3-axis accelerometer, temperature sensor, light sensor, 8 tri-colored LEDs, 6 ADC lines and 9 digital IO pins. The device includes a battery that recharges when the Sun SPOT is plugged into a USB port. For longer- term deployments, the system provides a 36 micro-amp deep sleep mode. The Java VM, called Squawk, is specially designed for small devices, and can run many applications in the one VM. You can find out more at Sun SPOT World.