Using Sun Technology at Sheffield Sun@Sheffield

Learning and Training

Through Sheffield's participation in the Sun Academic Initiative, you are entitled to free professional training from Sun along with free practice examinations and discounted certification. This is accessed through the Sun Learning Connection. To register for this service:

  1. Go to the Sun Learning Connection.
  2. If you already have a Sun account ID (by having registered on one of their sites before, such as their Java pages, you can login using this ID and you will just be prompted for the remaining information required. Otherwise, click `Register'.
  3. Fill out the information requested. The company name and ID should be as follows:
    • Company Name: SAI-University of Sheffield
    • Company ID: CUS-0000096931
  4. Click 'Submit'. Assuming everything was filled in correctly, your browser window will return to the original login page and a popup window will appear containing the learning campus. If your browser blocks popup dialogs, you won't see this initially. Check for any warning messages and allow popups for the site.
  5. Happy learning!