Departmental Summer Picnic


The party
    people converge: Susheel Varma, Nick Monk, Emily Hardy, Simon
    Foster, Neil Walkinshaw, Gordon Manson, Guy Brown, Rod Smallwood,
    Viktoria Maier, Phil Green, Mike Holcombe The real
    picnicers: Sue Harding and friends Fuzzy Monika
    Kus, Susheel Varma and Nick Monk Quiz Teams: Nick Monk,
    Susheel Varma, Henry Addico, Neil Walkinshaw, Sam Chapman, Jonathan Butters Quiz Teams:
    Monika Kus, Zoe Fletcher, Emily Hardy, George Wilson, Guy Brown,
    Phil Green Food
    munchers and quiz players: Ajay Chakravarthy, Jonathan Butters, Sam
    Chapman, Rodrigo, Monika Kus, Zoe Fletcher, Emily Hardy Henry
    Addico, Zoe Fletcher, George Wilson, Tim Kempton, Phil Green, Guy
    Brown, Stuart Wrigley, Viktoria Maier Nick Monk,
    Natasha Savage, Mohammed Ibrahim Ullah (Ibby), Emily Hardy Susheel
    Varma, Simon Foster, Nick Monk, Natasha Savage, Neil Walkinshaw Henry Addico
    covers up Mike
    Stannett wasted Susheel
    Varma, Simon Foster, Neil Walkinshaw, Natasha Savage, Sam Chapman,
    Rodrigo, Jonathan Butters


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