Summer Picnic II: Revenge of the Strawberries


Mohammed Ibrahim Ullah (Ibby) on the computer Mohammed Ibrahim Ullah (Ibby): Devil Incarnate A tired Simon Foster Henry Addico and Emmanuel Ogunshile chat over wine Mike Stannett sneaks away with some wine Mohammed Ibrahim Ullah (Ibby) on the computer Mohammed Ibrahim Ullah (Ibby) shouldn't visit Germany Mohammed Ibrahim Ullah (Ibby) and Henry Addico give respect Emmanuel Ogunshile chats to Ravie Munyandi Mohammed Ibrahim Ullah (Ibby) Mike Stannett returns with George Michaelides Mike Stannett, Anna Carter and Tony Cowling Tony Cowling, Emmanuel Ogunshile, George Michaelides and Simon Foster Mike Stannett and Anna Carter Mike Stannett, Simon Foster, Emmanuel Ogunshile, Tony Cowling, Mohammed Ibrahim Ullah (Ibby) and Anna Carter, Queen of the DCS Tony Cowling and George Michaelides Neil Walkinshaw Ravie Munyandi and Henry Addico Mohammed Ibrahim Ullah (Ibby) Simon Foster attacks a strawberry cheesecake Mike Stannett, Goerge Michaelides, Tony Cowling, Emmanuel Ogunshile and Simon Foster The DCS on a clear afternoon Mike Stannett, Anna Carter, George Michaelides and Tony Cowling Simon Foster devours a strawberry cheesecake Mike Stannett joins in Simon's attack on the cheesecake Henry Addico and Neil Walkinshaw Henry Addico and Mike Stannett Mike Stannett is shocked Neil Walkinshaw, Henry Addico, Anna Carter, George Michaelides, Mike Stannett, Tony Cowling and Simon Foster Henry Addico and Neil Walkinshaw George Wilson comes past to heckle Simon Foster Kirill Bogdanov turns up too late Simon Foster's services Simon Foster in his native environment


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